Based in Huntsville, AL, we offer shuttle services to the Southeast Region 
Customer Service
We make customer service a priority at Orbit's Shuttle Service. However, providing a service that is cost effective and time efficient for our customers ranks just as high.  Offering complimentary parking in our monitored parking area allows an additional savings from the extreme airport parking during your travel.

Our Brand Promise
Orbit’s Shuttle Service was developed for our local community as an alternative option to travel. Orbit’s promises that we will shuttle you comfortably, conveniently and with care.

Our Leadership Promise
Orbit’s leadership  has over 22 years in the transportation industry.  Orbit’s Leadership promises all of Orbit’s drivers are rated above standard, all shuttle vans provide top notch comfort for all customers with Wi-Fi availability, top notch scheduling and free parking while the customer travels.

Our Director
Orbit’s Shuttle Service is owned and operated by C.J. Kentish. With nearly a quarter of a century in the transportation industry, C.J. has the experience and know-how to make the business a success. Also a traveler, C.J. knows what you want and need when it comes to service.

Why Choose Orbit's Shuttle Service?

icon-sheduled-shuttle-runsScheduled Runs

When you choose Orbit's, you can trust that you'll be arriving on time for your pre-flight check with time to spare. Rest easy knowing we'll get you there.

icon-professional-driversProfessional Drivers

We offer safe & reliable transportation for all of our passengers. Orbit's Shuttle drivers are professionals caring for every passenger. We go the extra mile for you.

icon-monitored-parkingFree Parking

We'll keep an eye on your vehicle while you're away. Why pay short or long term parking at the airport when you can choose us for no additional charges?

icon-wifi-onboardOn-Board Wi-Fi

We've installed Wi-Fi connectivity on all shuttles for your convenience. You can conveniently surf the Internet and send emails to stay connected.

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